Season 7: Audio Drama Adaptations and more


During this season of the show.  I had guests come on to talk about a scene from a movie and discuss why it was so iconic to them.  Afterwards we would act out that scene and I would add some audio effects and turn it into an Audio Drama.  These episodes took a little more work to make but the results were a lot of fun.

1. The Wolf of Wall Street with Josh of Your Next Favorite Movie

2. Jaws with Robb of Reels of Justice

3. Catch Me If You Can with Curtis of Half Hour Bros Podcast

4. Legally Blonde with Jeanette Miller Mickenham

5. Clueless with Khyati of Film Fluence

6. Friday the 13th Part 6 : Jason Lives with Jason of Rabbit Hole Podcasts

7. Groundhog Day with Bubbawheat of It's Time to Rewind

8. Dawn Of The Dead with Jim of Film Rage

Bonus Episodes

Remembering Norm MacDonald with Chris of Let's Chat Media

Malignant and more WTF Flicks

Transformers The Movie: 35th Anniversary Review with Josh Puhl

Titane: Review

Donnie's Choice: Silver Bullet.

Halloween Kills Movie Review and Halloween Franchise Ranking

The Halloween Special

Rhode Island Comic Con 2021 Recap w/ Chris of Let's Chat and Ashley

Boomer's Choice: Intruder

In Bed With The Vern

Review of Ghostbusters: Afterlife and preview of Cowboy Bebop (Live Action), and Beatles: Get Back

Christmas Special Extravaganza with Chuck of Chuck and Brad Podcast w/ Ashley

Other Programming

The Deep Sea Anthology: The Bells.  An Audio Novel with Donnie Roberts Josh Williams and The Vern

Written Review of The Letters


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