Friday, November 19, 2021

Bonus Episode: In Bed with The Vern


Hello Again Everyone.

This episode appeared previously on our Patreon page.  For fun, I decided to take my chance and read some erotic stories, with a humorous twist.  It was clearly inspired by good friend of the show Nikky from Dear Nikky(Formally called In Bed With Nikky) and her award winning podcast.  She is the professional and I urge everyone to check out her show ASAP.  I found a site that features letters rejected by Penthouse as well as some odd personal ads and thought it would be a great laugh to read a few of them to you.

The episode does feature explicit talk of sex and sexual activities so if that offends you.  Don't worry we have many other shows that will offend you even more,  I love you, enjoy.


Ad Spots

First Time Watchers

Shocked and Applaud

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