Season 3: Cult Classics and Miscellaneous Movie Reviews

For our third season.  Myself (and at times some amazing guests) will be looking back at some of cinema's best and somewhat worst cult hits of all time.  Along with some short bonus reviews of films new and old.

Cult Classics

1. Big Trouble in Little China

2. Heathers ( aka My first podcasting appearance.  Thanks to LAMBcast )

3.Ravenous & Raw ( with Matthew Stewart of Simplistic Reviews)

4. The Fifth Element ( with Paul Hawkins of Filmly Fortunes )

5. Ed Wood (with Movie Rob)

6. Killer Klowns from Outer Space ( with Joe Guillano and Nick Powell of As You Watch)

7. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang & Charlie's Angels(2000) W/ Non Wells of You Me Empathy, and Damien Riley of Riley on Film)

8. Showgirls( With Ryan L Terry and Ashleigh Burnell aka The Movie Oracle)

9. Pump Up The Volume ( with Jordan Jeske)

10. Spring Breakers (Featuring many amazing people from The LAMB)

11. Spice World ( With Kolby Mac of Kolby Told Me)

12. Showgirls 2: Penny's From Heaven ( With Jeanette Miller Mickenham)

13. Attack of the 50 Ft Woman ( With Mike DiStatio aka The Hollywood Kid)

14. Killing Zoe

15. Mother!(2017) & Climax(2019)

16. Meet The Feebles with Donnie of Cage's Kiss

Bonus Episodes

Short Reviews of The Irishman, Knives Out and Jo Jo Rabbit

Cats 2019 or acid is one hell of a drug.

Top 50 Movies from 2010 - 2019

Is American Beauty(1999) Still Good

Movies We Love That Everybody Hates (With Kim Lo and Elwood Jones of Movies and Tea, Daniel Lackey of TV Good Sleep Bad, and Stephen Palmer of Asian Cinema Film Club

The Muppets and why it is the greatest thing ever created (With Chris Revill of Let's Chat with Chris Revill)

Bonus Reviews: The Invisible Man(2019) Portrait of a Lady on Fire, and Jackie Chan Films

Bonus Reviews: The Hunt(2020) And The Last Supper(1995)

Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac: Trigger Warnings

A Tribute to Tilda Swinton (With Chris and Mike of Casual Cinecast)



Bonus Reviews: The Hunt(2020) & The Last Supper(1995)

Random Thoughts of a Movie Insommiac: Trigger Warnings

Attack of the 50 Ft Woman(1958)

Killing Zoe and the films of Roger Avary

A Tribute to Tilda Swinton

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