Friday, September 17, 2021

Remembering Norm MacDonald with Chris of Let's Chat with Chris Revill


On this very special bonus episode, The Vern and good friend of the show, Chris Revill of Let's Chat Live, Let's Chat with Chris Revill and one of the head owners over at  Let's Chat Club(where you can find other great shows including this one).

Together they talk about the life and laughs of comedian Norm MacDonald.  The first time they ever saw him and reflect on the moments he made them  laugh the most.  Featuring some clips of his best material throughout.  You will very much enjoy this episode.

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Reel Spoilers

Fat Drunk and Stupid

Mid Intro Song is

Cherry by The Chromatics

This episode contains clips from the film Dirty Work, the comedy special The Roast of Bob Saget, Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, and clips from Late Night with Conan O Brian show.  All rights belong to the original parties that made them.  I'm only a simple podcast host that makes less money than your interns on staff.  Please don't sue 

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