Season 2: 31 Days of Halloween

In the Month of October.  I decided to challenge myself and post an episode every single day.  The rule was that the movie in some way had to connect to either horror, sci-fi, or suspense.

31 Days of Halloween: Audio Drama of Plan 9 from Outer Space (Cast Includes Jason Soto, Rachel Thuro, Steve Honewell, Daniel Lackey, Nathan Withrow, Scot Nolan, The Vern)

28 Days of Halloween: Suspiria(1977 vs 2018) (W/ Matthew Stewart of Simplistic Reviews

13 Days of Halloween: The Laurie Strode Saga(Halloween, Halloween 2, Halloween H20)

12, 11, 10 Days of Halloween: The Blob(88) Blood Feast, and Dog Soldiers

9 Days of Halloween: The Vern's Top 5 Scariest Movies He's Seen...So Far

8 Days of Halloween: Tragedy Girls

7 Days of Halloween: Alien W/ David of Piecing it Together Podcast)

6 Days of Halloween: Army of Darkness

5 Days of Halloween: The Lighthouse and John Carpenter's Vampires

4 Days of Halloween: Reviews of Mandy(2018) and The Innocents(1961)

3 Days of Halloween: 3 Bad Horror Movies...According to The Vern

2 Days of Halloween: Night of the Living Dead(1990)

1 Day of Halloween: Doctor Sleep



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