Season 9 is doing just fine.


Favorite Kurt Russell Movies

Live with Jill Gevargizian  (Director of The Stylist)

Live with Coralyn Jewel (High Profile Life Podcast)

Tales from the RR(A Twin Peaks Podcast)

Live with Dwight Hurst (Broken Brains Podcast)

Random thoughts on The Sandman, She-Hulk and more.

Cinema Recall Players Presents ( Audio adaptations of famous movies)

Favorite Concert Movies (with Kristen Leigh of M.A.Y.)

Film Preservation (with Earl Lukes of The Parkway Theater)

Favorite Horror Tropes (recorded at Crypticon)

Halloween Horror Favorites

Horror Remakes (recorded at Crypticon)

Interview with Najrarra Townsend ( Lead actor of The Stylist)

Ranking The Halloween Franchise

Favorite Werewolf Movies ( with Author Scott Burtness)

Horror Franchise Favorites (With The Stondest)

Part 1

Part 2

Halloween Fun(with Rob Branch of Rabbit Hole Podcasts)

Review of "Weird" The Al Yankovic Story

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