Season 5: The Return of the Beginning Part 7


Lots of great episodes with some amazing guests were featured in this latest season.  I hope you have as much fun listening to these shows as I had making them.


A look back at some of the great movies directed by Brian DePalma

DePalma December: Body Double w/ Ryan of Coolness Chronicles

DePalma December: Dressed to Kill w/ Jeanette of Aka Jeanette

DePalma December: Carrie w/ Melissa of Good Evening Kiddies

DePalma December: Phantom of the Paradise w/ Lydia, Naomi and Jen of Shocked & Applaud

DePalma December: The Untouchables w/ Justin of Parent's Night In

DePalma December: Sisters w/ Matt and Ashley of Mashley at the Movies

Bonus Episodes on Patreon

DePalma December: Raising Cain

DePalma December: Mission Impossible

Videos of The Vern Doing Various Things of Value

The Best and Worst Films of 2020

Various Vinyls in The Vern's Collection

The Vern's Top 5 Favorite Christmas Songs of All Time

Cult Cinema Classics: Requiem for a Dream w/ Jason of Whatever with Jason Soto

Special Valentine's Day Episode: Secretary w/ Ruby Mae of My Closet Kink

Prince of Darkness: w/ Linda and Donnie of Cage's Kiss

Favorite Movie Soundtracks w/ Robert of Reel Sharks

Game Show Extravaganza w/Jason of Whatever with Jason Soto

                                                Bri and Nessa of Shooting the Shit

                                               Damien of Riley on Film

                                               Jeanette of AKA Jeanette

                                               Ryan of Coolness Chronicles

                                               David of Piecing it Together


A collection of episodes that talk about the seductive, smart and somewhat dangerous women of these erotic features

Femme Fatale February: Basic Instinct w/ Blake of Style Island

Femme Fatale February: The Last Seduction & Bound w/ Howard of Pop Art

Femme Fatale February: Innocent Blood with Mackenzie Lambert of Mack & The Movies

Femme Fatale February: Black Widow & Sea of Love w/ Jeanette of Aka Jeanette

Femme Fatale February: Gilda w/ Nikky of In Bed with Nikky

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