Friday, October 1, 2021

Transformers The Movie (1986) 35th Anniversary Review


All right gang.  This episode is really cool because my guest is a 1st time podcaster but a long time friend.  I have known this guy since we were in the 4th grade in elementary school.  Yeah we are talking childhood here and when I found out that they were going to show Transformers The Movie back in theaters.  This was the perfect opportunity to re watch a movie that we both saw as kids back in 1986.

Welcome to the show, my comrade and former podcast host before there was ever a freaking internet, Josh Puhl.  I hope to have him and his wife who is also one of my best friends on a future episode, but for now sit back and enjoy our episode that is more than meets the eye.  Because it's a podcast and podcasts uses your ears and not your eyes.  I mean you have to use you eyes to find this episode and hit play but its not all about your eyes.  It more of your ears.  You get what I'm saying , don't you.

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End Credit Music

Mutoid Man + Khemmis + Thou   playing Dare to Be Stupid (Orginally Performed by Weird Al Yankovic)

Opening Clip is from Boogie Nights Written and Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and released by New Line Cinema
Song The Touch was originally performed by Stan Bush (I hope this clears up any upcoming lawsuits because I am flat broke)

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