Friday, June 14, 2024

Film Master Series: The Swiss Conspiracy (1976)

 Film Masters is a company releasing forgotten pieces of cinema in newly restored versions 

Check them out

The Swiss Conspiracy

Cast: David Jensen, John Saxxon, Senta Berger

Writers: Norman Klenman, Howard Merrill, Phillip Saltzman

Director: Jack Arnold

** out of Five Stars

In an opening txt and narration; we learn that Swiss banks are fully protected.  The only people who have access are the account holders.  No one not even the police can seize records.  This is why many criminals decides to hold all their dirty money there.  In The Swiss Conspiracy, someone is blackmailing a bank a large sum of money to expose 5 individuals whom they will kill if their demands are not met.  Not wanting to create a scandal, the bank hires David Christopher(David Jensen) to seek out who is behind this charade.

Raging about Gosling with Jaylan Salah of Women Insession


Umm this episode was suppouse to include Ashley but she had issues with her recording and so she is not on this episode. We were joined by podcaster and film critic Jaylan Salah of Women Inession ( to discuss two movies with actor Ryan Gosling but thanks to the techincal issues. We were only able to cover just a portion of only one.

Before that Jaylan and Vern do a good sized Rage Corner (Brought to us by Film Rage Podcast(

Friday, June 7, 2024

The Vern's Audio Drama Sampler Plate.



Hello everyone.

I the Vern have a new episode of sorts for you all. This is a collection of all the audio dramas that I have edited for Cinema Recall and other places for many years in the past. It was a lot of fun finding clips to share and I hope you enjoy it.

Friday, May 17, 2024

We Will Be Back!!!

 I am very happy to announce that Cinema Recall is not ending like I thought it was.  Thanks to everyone's suppourt and thier kind donations.  We are able to save our podcast and I'm over the moon of all the kindness that people had for this show.  I had no idea that many people loved us and Im going to do more to make sure we offer great content for your enjoyment. It's going to take some time before we are fully back but it won't be a very long hiatus as I thought it would be.  

In the meantime I  recorded a small episode thanking everyone who helped donate and I linked thier websites as well. These our truly amazing indiviuals  Thank you so very much to everyone for sharing our campaign and being a fan of the show. I really really appreciate you so much

The Return of Cinema Recall(a thank you episode)

Saturday, May 11, 2024

S.O.A.P. Save Our Awesome Podcast


I have a bit of bad news for you all. After today, there will be no more new episodes of Cinema Recall. I hit some  financial troubles and will not have the time to record any regular shows as we did before.

However there is hope and that hope is with you, the listener and viewer. You can donate to our Go Fund Me Page and with your suppourt. We can get the show back up ASAP

Donate whatever you can. If you can't spare anything just sharing this post is very helpful and I will be extremely greatful.

Friday, May 3, 2024

Ga Ga for Gosling: The Nice Guys & Lars and The Real Girl

 We are starting a new series here at Cinema Recall. This time we are focusing on an actor's career instead of a filmmaker and for our first entry. We are chosing a person who has done a wide variety of films., Mr. Ryan Gosling. He has stared in such iconic features such as , Drive, Barbie and of course the masterpeice La La Land

This time we are talking about two iconic comedies he made. The Nice Guys & Lars and the Real Girl.

 Ashley returns for this episode and we are joined by Robert of the awesome Cinemigos Podcast

( ) to talk about these features.

Friday, April 26, 2024

Howard The Duck (1986) w/ Cayley of Once Over with Cayley

 Howard The Duck was met with both critical and audience hatred when it was relased in 1986. But is it as terrible as everyone says it is.

The Vern brings on his friend, Cayley of Once Over with Cayley to talk about this cult classic in great duck tail, woo hoo. That is the only pun I will put in this entire episode

Film Master Series: The Swiss Conspiracy (1976)

 Film Masters is a company releasing forgotten pieces of cinema in newly restored versions  Check them out The...