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Sidaris September: Savage Beach(1989)

It's time for yet another installment of Sidaris September.  Those wonderful action movies from the late 80's through the 90's that had beautiful women in great locations shooting large guns.  On today's show, Rob from Fat Drunk and Stupid Podcast( joins me to discuss his thoughts on Savage Beach which continues the somewhat cinematic universe of  the L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies
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The Vern's Quick Reviews of Bill and Ted Face The Music & I'm Thinking of Ending Things.

Hello Everyone You may not know this, but Cinema Recall does have a YouTube Channel where I do post videos occasionally on there.  I'm not in any way a professional at this, and most of  the ones posted were edited by my roommate and friend.  I'm going to start publishing 1 to 2 minute reviews of newer movies because unless you are doing a deep dive analysis.  Reviews don't need to be really long and with that in mind.  Here are my short thoughts of Bill and Ted Face The Music & I'm Thinking of Ending Things .

Help us reach 50 members on our Patreon page and get an all new audio drama of Clue.

Hello Everyone.I got something big I want to announce to our fans.    I had such a good time with our Night of the Living Dead and Plan 9 from Outer Space audio dramas that I would like to do another one asap.    If we reach 50 members or more on our Patreon page by November 9th 2020. I will give you an exclusive all new audio drama of the classic comedy Clue in time for Christmas. The full show wont post to the public until March of 2021.
If you haven't already, please subscribe to our Patreon page and take advantage of our great rewards so far.

Sidaris September: Hard Ticket to Hawaii(1987)

Jean Luc Goddard once wrote that all you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun.  Director Andy Sidaris has several women with many guns in his features and this month we want to honor some of them.Joining The Vern for the very 1st movie in our Sidaris September series is podcaster and voice actor Jason Soto from Whatever With Jason Soto( .  They talk about what is considered the best in his filmography, Hard Ticket to Hawaii.

The Vern guests on Riley on Film podcast to review Mermaid Down and The Lure

Host Damien Riley is a film critic, podcaster, and musician.  He loves all kinds of movies but he specializes in the horror genre.  I was lucky enough to be a guest a few times on the show and my latest  guest spot was a lot of fun .  On this episode, Damien and I talk about two mermaid horror movies.  The Lure and Mermaid Down.   Check it out  below and be sure to visit his website to check out more content.

The Vern makes an appearance on Cage's Kiss Podcast to talk about Mom and Dad(2017)

Did you know that there is a podcast dedicated to covering all the movies by one actor, Nicholas Cage.  Did you want to know?  Well damn it you should because Cage's Kiss is a good show.  Hosts, Linda, Donnie, and Adrian have really great chemistry with each other and I was lucky to be a guest on their latest episode talking about the dark comedy Mom and Dad.  Starring Nicholas Cage  and Selma Blair as parents infected by a disease that makes them want to kill their kids  Listen Now below and check out more great content on their website.

Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac: Mixed Bag

We have a brand new bonus episode for you The Vern talks about the passing of Chadwick Boseman, a cool new trivia game show he was on, watching movies in theaters again , and some cool new watch parties to check out.