Friday, November 17, 2023

Interview with Director Shaun Colon (A Fat Wreck & Age of Audio)


On this special episode, The Vern talks to filmmaker Shaun Colon about the two documentaries he made. 

A Fat Wreck.  Which is about the creation and legacy of one of the most respect record labels in Punk Music (Currently Streaming on Tubi)


Age of Audio. A one of a kind documentary that will go into the resurgence of audio storytelling from the people involved  (Go to Website to see how you can help and be a part of this movie)

Follow all of Shaun Colon's projects by checking out his linktree

Friday, November 10, 2023

Movies of 2023 (Recorded Live at Twin Cities Con 2023)


On this episode, The Vern was invited to be on a panel at Twin Cities Con to talk about the best and disapointed movies of 2023 that were not Barbie or Oppenhiemer.  

Find out more info about Twin Cities Con by visiting their site

Friday, November 3, 2023

A preview of Twin Cities Con and Rhode Island Comic Con after a visit to room 1408


We apologies for all the audio issues and abrupt endings that happened during this episode.

Welcome to a new episode of Cinema Recall which is actually a combination of two shows. In the first half, Ashley and Vern break down one of Ashley's favorite horror features, 1408 starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson.

Monday, October 30, 2023

The Halloween Franchise with Ed from Film Effect and Jason from Rabbit Hole Podcasts


Everyone is allowed at least one scare on Halloween and on today's episode of CInema Recall Podcast. We are giving you that as we are diving into every film from the franchise. From John Carpenter's OG Classic to David Gordon Green and Rob Zombie reboots. We are covering it all and even discuss some hidden gems along the way. Joining The Vern is Ed from The Film Effect  ( and Jason from Rabbit Hole Podcasts. (

Friday, October 27, 2023

Interview with the directors of Murdercise(Paul Ragsdale and Angelica De Alba)


On this very special episode. The Vern talks with filmmakers, Paul Ragsdale and Angelica De Alba about thier latest feature on Tubi called Murdercise.  The story of a young girl who realises that in order to get to the top.  Sometimes you need to cut, stab, and bash the haters,but it's also important to make friends too.   

They also dive into their filmography and discuss the films, Slashorette Party and Streets of Vengeance.  Along with some great tips and insights into how to create and  market an indie movie as well.  

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Interview with Daniel Abella of Phillip K Dick Film Fest


In this bonus episode. The Vern chats with event director, Daniel Abella of both The European Phillip K Dick and The Psychedelic Film Festivals happening in New York and London. It was a fun and insightful conversation that we know you will enjoy.

Recap of Twin Cities Con & Rhode Island Comic Con w/ Chris Revill

  Ashley , The Vern and returning guest Chris Revill are back to go over all the fun times that were had at both Twin Cities Con ⁠ https://w...