Friday, February 5, 2021

Femme Fatale February: Basic Instinct (1992)


It was a dark and musty night when my next guest strolled into my podcast studio.  Wearing a white dress that seemed to hug her figure in al the right ways.  I don't really know what she looks like because after all this is  audio and I can't really see anything.  I just wanted to make this intro sound more  film noir like.   Anyways

Blake Turck from Style Island and Sexy Thrillers joins The Vern to discuss a film classic.  Basic Instinct stars Sharon Stone as Catherine Tramell, a novelist who gets accused of murder.  We dive into this neo noir erotic thriller with our ice picks and pick apart many aspects of this movie in great detail.  We also discuss the sequel and the controversial Promising Young Woman too.

Read more of Blake's thoughts on Basic Instinct by reading this article about Catherine Tramell

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Opening Song
Night In Venice by Kevin MacLeod

Closing Song
Vow by Garbage

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