Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Free to a Bad Home(2023) Written Movie Review.


I’m going to tell you everything about Free to a Bad Home in hopes that maybe you can help explain it to me because I’m not entirely sure it makes sense to me,

Before the opening credits we witness a man kill his wife and then later hang himself.  We next meet a couple who find a box of trinkets outside the house of the murders.  After feeling like she has been bit by a necklace she found.  Her boyfriend takes a ring. I’m assuming will give to her as a gift later on.   

First is the story of Amy, a woman who comes back to what feels like her family home.  She drinks wine, gets a visit from her sister and is haunted by what I’m assuming are ghosts that only we can see but she can’t.  Every time she falls asleep she wakes up in a different place. Which is something that has happened to me many times before I was 12?  I would fall asleep in my room and my parents would find me in different areas of the house.  After waking up outside something spooks Amy enough to run to the house where she climbs up on the roof only to jump off it and kill herself.  We get more clues from a flashback scene that she killed her boyfriend.

After that we meet Ryan, a thief who breaks into this one house.  He meets a girl that is chained up in the basement and looks very similar to Amy from the previous story.  She asks if he can help prepare her to kill the neighbors next door, she’ll give him the keys to the safe and he can have all the money and treasures inside to which he complies.


We next meet Julia(the girlfriend of Ryan the thief) and her girl friends who are on their way to a Halloween party.  Injesting what looks like LSD into their eyes, I’m assuming they missed the invite to Gaspar Noe’s dance party in Climax and instead go to this random house.  At the party not much is happening besides the usual.  There are chips, and drinks, and people wearing the same masks Michael Myers wore in Rob Zombie’s remake of Halloween. Our party hosts open a casket to reveal Amy and they each take turns puking on her.  You know the average random things you do during spooky season.  One of the girls gets killed and it’s revealed that a demon took possession of Amy’s body and sends the rest of them home.  Which was very nice but also rude because she never offered any of them a sober cab as an option.   Instead of leaving together, Emily goes to I guess use the bathroom before their long drive back and is killed by one of the other guests.  Julia’s other friend Beth starts throwing up and so she runs out and ends up meeting with Amy and the other party people who want to play a game of tag with her, but with knives.  Julia’s earrings become an object of interest to Amy but the fun stops like all parties do when the police show up.  Feeling like all bummed out about the death of her friends.  Julia takes her own life but Amy is there to welcome her to hell.  I sure hope they have a better welcoming party for her when she gets there.



While doing good deeds by dropping off free things.  Amy gets into a slight confrontation with one of the neighbors when she talks about a house that once had residents but now it doesn’t. Our story ends with a woman doing yard work while slowly peeling pieces of her face off and wearing the same necklace that was found from the same boxes that Amy was dropping off.


So that was Free to a Bad Home.  A movie that has some good production design by the Hale Siblings and decent cinematography by William E. Newton The filmmaking duos, The Hale Brothers(Kameron and Scott were very much influenced by Nicholas Winding Refn and David Lynch in both story and stylistic approaches they use.  It looks like they want to create a movie where audiences will ask questions but nothing about it made me want to re watch it to get more context. I love watching movies that I don’t understand but yet it gives me something that makes me intrigued to stay and watch it.  This didn’t have that.  I like the anthology approach to telling these three separate stories but I never understood the overall wrapping story that connected them.  Was this demon just randomly cleaning out his garage when they decided to leave cursed objects on the side of the road for people to find.  I don’t know.

  Miranda Nieman is good as the possessed Amy and I almost got vibes from Night of the Demons during some segments that I wished this was more of a horror comedy than actual horror.  The tone was suppose to be dark and serious but a lot of the acting and responses from characters made this seem like a dark comedy to me.  The synthwave style music  by Dave Howel and Justin Miller were good in some scenes as so were the make up and special effects by Kristen Hale and Robert Lopez but that is all the positive things I can write about it.


**’s out of Five****’s

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