Monday, December 19, 2022

Knock Knock(2015) with Em of Verbal Diorama


On today's show The  Vern is joined by Em, the creator and host of Verbal Diorama to discuss a Keanu Reeves movie she has never seen before.  When she found out it was directed by Eli Roth she got a wee bit nervous.  But Vern advised her that it wasn't going to be like his other movies.
Knock Knock is a tale about Evan(Keanu Reeves). A married, family man who one night while alone, meets two beautiful women Genesis( Lorenza Izzo) and Bel (Ana de Armas).  Throughout the night the two girls shamelessly flirt with Evan and despite his best efforts to avoid their advances.  They end up convincing him to have sex with them.  What was once a sexual fantasy soon turns into a nightmare for Evan when Bel and Genesis refuse to leave his home and proceed to torture him.

Vern and Em go into a really good discussion about the movie and later read listener comments. They also list their top 3 favorite home invasion movies so be sure to listen to that.

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*NOTE*  There 's a few audio hiccups with mics and my software I was using but overall it was still a good show.

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