Friday, June 10, 2022

The Family Feud (As You Watch Edition)


I recently found an older episode of a podcast I use to host with friends of mine that I wanted to share with you.  It was called As You Watch and for this particular show.  I brought in my co host Nick Powell and these epic guests to do our own version of The Family Feud.  Now keep in mind dear listeners that I messed up with how the game was suppose to be played but I assure you that my mistakes will make for a very fun time.

Guests include:

Chris Revill of Let's Chat with Chris Revill 

Karley of Core Temp Arts 

Scot Nolan (Author of The Bargain Bin Review)

Jason Soto of Rabbit Hole Podcasts 

Ad Spots

Invasion of the Remake

Film Rage

Listen to us every Sunday at 8:30 pm cst on Full Swap Radio

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