Tuesday, April 14, 2020

An NC-17 version of The Muppets. It's Peter Jackson's Meet The Feebles

WARNING!!!!  This movie features drug use,graphic sexual content, gun violence, knife violence, rape,ptsd,and suicide all involving puppets

Way before he adapted stories about hobbits and their journeys in The Lord of The Rings saga.  Director Peter Jackson was making some of the most outlandish movies in history.  One of the most strangest ones was Meet The Feebles, a bizzare parody of Jim Henson's The Muppet Show.  Where you can see a heroin addicted lizard, a rat who makes pornos involving a cow and an anteater, a gun toting hippo, and much much more

Joining The Vern to discuss this one of a kind cult film is Donnie from Cage's Kiss Podcast.  Listen below or on many of our other podcast platforms.

***** NOTE*******   There was a technical issue that happened during the episode so the last 5 minutes have been removed.  It's still a good show despite this small set back

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