Friday, May 3, 2024

Ga Ga for Gosling: The Nice Guys & Lars and The Real Girl

 We are starting a new series here at Cinema Recall. This time we are focusing on an actor's career instead of a filmmaker and for our first entry. We are chosing a person who has done a wide variety of films., Mr. Ryan Gosling. He has stared in such iconic features such as , Drive, Barbie and of course the masterpeice La La Land

This time we are talking about two iconic comedies he made. The Nice Guys & Lars and the Real Girl.

 Ashley returns for this episode and we are joined by Robert of the awesome Cinemigos Podcast

( ) to talk about these features.

Before that it's our Rage Corner brought to you by Film Rage Podcast

 ( ) We rage about Tarantino's last film. Remakes, and Physical media)

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