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MSPIFF 2024: Working Class Goes to Hell (Movie Review)


The Minneapolis Flim Society along with The Main Cinema presents  The Minneapolis St Paul International Film Festival 2024.   A yearly celebration of all the wonderful movies from around the world.  From April 11 through April 25 2024, I will be reviwing a different movie from the many   featured during this event.

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Working Class Goes to Hell

Cast: Tamara Krcunovic, Leon Lucev, Szilivia Kriszan

Writer and Director:Miaden Djordjevic

After a factory closes down and workers start getting laid off.  A small group starts to comminucate with the dead in order to seek revenge from their employers.

The primise of this made think this was going to be an Office Space style comedy but with zombies or a bunch of demons get released and wreck havoc on the upper rich. Imaging Pinhead and the other Cenobites from Hellraiser visiting an office is what I kind of expected from this  While it does have the poor getting their revenge on the managment that let them go.  There is very little supernatural elements in this movie besides one character seeing ghostly images and the group performing seances and rituals here and there. 

What I got was how easily and quickly people turn to other vices inluding drug dealing and prostitution in order to make money.  They all got severance pay from thier lay off  but I never got any sense that time has passed.  We see the protests and  a small group of friends who are holding off as much as they can.  But after they agree to the pay out.  It's like only a few days go by and one of them is already thinking of selling her body.  She has a part time job and i'm like.  Can't you find a roomate or ask your boss for more hours. I know times are tough but there is no other options.  Was this factory the only means of this town to make money.  Maybe so but the movie didn't quite explain that to me.

The moments near the end when the workers start getting revenge on their bosses was good but it reminded me too much of the ending to Herditary when we see a bunch of old people naked which was more distrubing than any of the violence they inflict.  It does have some humours moments in these sequences but I kind of wish that that it was more throughout the whole movie.  I can see the director wants to send a message about companies not treating their workers fairly.  I wanted to have the characters to  be a bit more relatable is all.  I saw they were strugling but I wish I would have seen them befoie times went bad.


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