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The Human Centipede has more in common with The Godfather than you think by The Girl Behind the Counter.

 Hello all you movie geeks out there

I recently watched a series from one of my favorite YouTube critics,Bridget Badot, the girl you know, aka  The Girl Behind the Counter. ( https://www.youtube.com/@GirlBehindTheCounter)  In this three part video essay she compares The Godfather saga to The Human Centipede trilogy and says they have more in common than you think.  Yes let that sentence marinate a little in your head.  Comparing Francis Ford Coppola's multiple Oscar winning epic about a person's rise and fall within a crime family to Tom Six's grotesque premise of creating a creature that is made by sewing a person's mouth to someone's anus is one that is quite odd when reading it.  I have seen the first two Human Centipede movies at least once and actually prefer the first one way more. (Although Laurence R. Harvey is very good in the second one and worth watching for his performance.)  The intital concept is what turns people off about watching it.  But at least in Human Centipede: The First Sequence,  all the  sequences you woud expect to be very gory and gross are never shown, just merely implied.  In the second movie, it does amp up the gore more but it is filed in black and white so it's not as grotesque as you imagined.  The Godfather movies are absolute classics and never feel as long as you think they would.  All the cast members are great and I do not hate the third one but I agree it never needed to be made.

But what in the actual F___k does  The Human Centipede have to do with The Godfather you may ask.  How in the hell do these completely different films have to do with eachother.   

I present to you dear and wonderful fans of the cinema.  This incredible video essay on why these two totally different franchises are similar.  This woman deserves several awards in film criticism for this series alone.

                                          Part One (Watch on YouTube)

                                          Part Two (Watch on YouTube)

                                   Part 3   (Watch on YouTube)

Please like and subscribe to her channel.  She has many other wonderful great video essays.

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