Sunday, December 31, 2023

Eyes Wide Shut (1999) w/ Doug of Good Times Great Movies


It's the week after Christmas and we have one more show for you before we go on break for two weeks.  Ashley was unable to join(but she does make a small cameo after the break) so instead Vern brought in Doug from Good Times Great Movies to join.  They talk for a good while about Stanley Kubrick's last feature. Eyes Wide Shut. Not only is it a great end to a directo's solid career.  It's also a phenomenal Christmas Movie as well.  Listen as Vern and Doug dive into this one of a kind movie and offer up their theroies on this masterpiece.  

Before that they each have something to rage about in Rage Corner (Brought to you by the fine gents at Film Rage )

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Check out the Video from Jess Flix that proves Eyes Wide Shut is a Christmas Movie

 Eye Wide Shut - The Realist vs The Idealist


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 This is our last episode of 2023. Thank you again for listening and or watching.

We will see you in 2024. Have a Happy New Years.

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