Friday, December 15, 2023

Clue: The All New Audio Drama Adaptation


Here is a quick preview of an all new audio drama adaptation of Clue that was recorded for Rabbit Hole Podcasts. I took the classic comedy from 1985 and adpated it for an audio format, featuring a wide varitety of great voice actors from Rabbit Hole Podcasts networks.


Nick Jobe as Wadsworth and Mr. Green

Bubbawheat as Mr. Peacock, Mr. Ho and The Police Chief

Bear as Professor Plum

Lisa Sally Haines as Mrs White

Heather Baxendale Walsh as Miss Scarlet, Yvette, and Telegram girl

The Vern as Mr. Boddy, Col Mustard and aditional voices

This audio drama adaption was recorded and edited by Jason "The Vern" Hemming

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