Thursday, October 5, 2023

Sneak Peak of Clue Audio Drama(Alternate Cut) & American Psycho Review(Patreon Cut)


Hello Hello 

It's I the Vern, here to bring you cats another episode of Cinema Recall.  For this episode , I am going to treat you with a sneak peak of an alternate version of an all new audio drama of the comedy classic Clue.  Featruing many talented voice actors that will not appear on the final product but you will be able to hear first in all it's unedited glory.  

The final product will be availiable on Rabbit Hole Podcasts so be sure to follow them for all the updates

But before that you will hear a section that was once only availible for Patreon members only.  This was from our episode at The Parkway Theater(click name to see al the great events they have) where Ashley and I hosted trivia for the movie American Psycho.  On the previous version you heard the theatrical cut(which you can find by clicking the name of the movie)

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