Friday, June 30, 2023

Cinema Recall's Content Casserole


This episode is slightly different because we are just re releasing sections of older episodes but in a new way... sort of. You see the idea of doing this is because after this show. Ashley and The Vern will not be releasing any new content for the next two weeks and we want to have something availiable for you until than. Be sure to follow us on, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube because you will be seeing some great things from us on there.

For the first half, it's just a replay of a section from our episode with Dwight Hurst of The Broken Brains Podcast and Addiction Recovery and Mental Health (A Waismann Method Podcast). You can find the full episode under season 9.

After the Ad Spots featuring

Invasion of the Remake

Vintage Video Podcast


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The Vern has a few sections from older episodes before they were edited.

One is with Curtis of Half Hour Bros Podcast on our Catch Me If You Can episode. The second section is with Jim of Film Rage on our Dawn of the Dead show. You can find those full episodes under season 7 on our website

Listen to us every Sunday at 8:30 PM as part of Vanilla Sunday at

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