Friday, May 12, 2023

Sapiosexual (2022 Written Movie Review)



Cast: Deborah Twiss, Nick Hardin, David Edwin Williams

Writer And Director: Deborah Twiss



1.   finding intelligence sexually attractive or arousing.

"I met a PhD student from Germany who told me that he was sapiosexual"


1.   a person who finds intelligence sexually attractive or arousing.

"I'm a sapiosexual and I like to talk


 This erotic chamber play is about a couple who invite a third person for a night of sexual exploration, but things take quite a drastic turn afterwards


Hannah(Deborah Twiss) and Liam(Nick Hardin) have been dating for three years, but became intimate much early on when she was much younger,  Despite their age gap, it’s clear that she was enticed sexually by the intelligence that he has.  After one night when Liam is unable to get an erection and have sex.  He gets the idea to invite over Freddy(David Edwin Williams), one of his former teaching aids over for dinner.  It’s clear that there is some tension between the men but we are not quite sure of what that actually is at the moment.  After a few drinks, Liam asks that Hannah and Freddy dance with eachother.  They agree, but feel very awkward about it.  Next Liam asks them to kiss which they reluctantly do.  It’s clear there is an attraction between Hannah and Freddy and so she goes along with Liam’s suggestion to have a 3 way. 


After this is when things take a turn and I don’t want to spoil what happens.  Sapiosexual is a nice little one setting drama that reminded me of great features like Richard Linklatter’s Tape Roman Polanski’s Carnage, David Slade’s Hard Candy and many more    The acting from the three main leads are all good and very believable in this story.  What starts off as a story about one man giving his lover something he just can’t give escalates into something else and I enjoyed where the story and dialogue took me. There are some moments that are quite disturbing regarding some of the character's actions but I appreciate that the movie makes me make my own desicions on if I should like them or not  There were a few moments that could have been trimmed off but nothing I thought should be removed entirely.


Directing a sex scene cannot be an easy thing for an indie feature.  Kudos to director Deborah Twiss who not only had to block out the scene with the actors and the crew but then had to actually be in the scene as well.   I look forward to see what other genres she decides to tackle because she is a very good writer and director.   


*** and ½ out of Five Stars

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