Friday, April 22, 2022

Interview With Director & Lead Actor of The God Inside My Ear.


Due to some issues happening around the time of recording.  Ashley and The Vern had to postpone their usual live show, but have no fear.  There is a really fun episode in it's place.  The Vern found an old interview he had with the director and lead actor of a movie called The God Inside My Ear(Now Playing on Tubi).  It was a very fun and insightful conversation about how to market an independent film for festivals and other platforms.

You can follow the director Joe Badon on Instagram  and lead actor Linnea Gregg on Instagram too by clicking the highlighted link 

***NOTE**** This episode appeared previously as part of the website That Moment In.  They are no longer doing podcasts but their site is still running and still worth checking out( just click on the highlighted link)

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