Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Live with Chris Revill of Let's Chat Media


We are back bitches for a brand new season of Cinema Recall.  Joining the show is Ashley Ullom Jirak who has been a friend of The Vern for like 20 years and it just feels right to have her on as a co-host going forward.  

On today's show, we have brought back our good buddy Chris Revill of Let's Chat Media to just hang out and have some fun as we discuss what we liked about 2021.

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That's Da Bomb Yo.


Big thanks to Jim Morgan and Seth Peezey from Conduit Sound Studio for all their help.

Opening Song:

Cherry by The Chromatics

Closing Song

Digital Versicolor by Glass Candy

If you want to see all the crazy wild shenanigans' that were cut out of the podcast then please watch the whole video below on the YouTube

Live, Uncut, and Uncensored

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