Friday, July 9, 2021

Lady Gaga vs Electric Light Orchestra: Don't Bring Me a Bad Romance (My 1st Mashup)


Hi All

OK, Since I'm taking a small break from releasing any new episodes of the podcast.  I really wanted to work a bit on improving my editing skills and one thing I have always wanted to do was to create a mashup.

Being a big fan of GirlTalk and the great mashups he does. (Seriously, please click on the link and hear his stuff because it's amazing. Kudos to whoever edited this video deserves like several awards too)  I wanted to create my own and I did so with two songs that have always gone together in my head.  

Lady Gaga's Bad Romance and Electric Light Orchestra's (ELO)  Don't Bring Me Down

Keep in mind that this is my very 1st attempt at doing this

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