Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Vern's Quick Reviews of Bill and Ted Face The Music & I'm Thinking of Ending Things.


Hello Everyone

You may not know this, but Cinema Recall does have a YouTube Channel where I do post videos occasionally on there.  I'm not in any way a professional at this, and most of  the ones posted were edited by my roommate and friend.  I'm going to start publishing 1 to 2 minute reviews of newer movies because unless you are doing a deep dive analysis.  Reviews don't need to be really long and with that in mind.  Here are my short thoughts of Bill and Ted Face The Music & I'm Thinking of Ending Things .

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  1. "Studying" I'm Thinking of Ending Things is right. I'm still pretty disappointed in that, I wanted to love it so much. I'm interested in how much it differs from the book. You review reminded me that I was going to look that up.


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