Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Night of The Living Dead Audio Drama: Part One

Today's episode is a very special one because it is the premiere of an all new audio drama of the horror classic, Night of The Living Dead(written by George A Romero and John Russo). Be sure to have a good pair of headphones so that you can hear all the great spooky fun.
Part one involves Barbara and her brother Johnny as they come across the horrific discovery that the dead have come to life and are eating the living. With the help of a truck driver named Ben. Will anyone escape the sheer terror of the night?
You can listen to the show by clicking link below or you can find us on your favorite podcast app too.
Anchor FM
Lily Spellman - Johnny
Linda Castro -Phone Operator
Matthew Stewart - Radio Announcer
Greg Cafaro - Zombie Sound Effects

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Ending Theme Song is Marathon by Fuzzy Machete

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