Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Please Support our new Patreon Account and get Bonus Episodes not available anywhere else.

Hello Everyone

I want to announce that we just created a brand new Patreon account.  If you see another one with our name on it.  Please ignore it.  I can no longer accesses that one because the email used to rest password no longer exists.  But it's all good and besides, the perks on that old page really weren't anything impressive.

Our brand new Patreon Page(  )will have bonus episodes not available on this site or any of our podcast platforms.  We will give you a special shoutout on the episode and mention you on various social media platforms(please remember to tell me your user name for other sites when you do). You will also have the chance to pick topics for future episodes and have the chance to produce and host your own show with me as the guest.  Don't worry about editing because I will handle that issue. 

This just launched last night and we only have one bonus episode so far.  It's on the true crime drama Dog Day Afternoon with guest Peter Veunnasack( from various podcasts like Podstalgic, Original Remake, Cobra Kai Pod and more.  I will be adding more bonus shows each week along with main episodes on this site and most places you can listen to podcasts.   
Again our new Patreon Page is at  Thank you so much for your support.

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