Thursday, April 18, 2024

MSPIFF 2024: Stripped for Parts:American Jounalism on the Brink (Movie Review)

The Minneapolis Flim Society along with The Main Cinema presents  The Minneapolis St Paul International Film Festival 2024.   A yearly celebration of all the wonderful movies from around the world.  From April 11 through April 25 2024, I will be reviwing a different movie from the many   featured during this event.

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Stripped for Parts:American Jounalism on the Brink

Director: Rick Goldsmith

This documentary from Rick Goldsmith is about how owners of hedge fund corporations like Alden Global Capital are buying out news outlets and screwing over many professional journalists out of a job.   Featuring interviews with many real life reporters who have broken some really iconic stories from the past.  This was a very insightful documentary that I wish had a little bit more of a fight in it is all.

It is very well researched and it honors those reporters who seek the facts first.  I just wish that it did more to expose these vulture capatlists.  I almost wanted a Michael Moore and Roger and Me vibe from Rick Goldsmith and his team as they investigate these comapanies.  It's great that this is being brought to theaters for people to see and hopefully laws will change because of it's exposure.  I just wanted more effort to be used by the filmmakers in order to contact these hedge fund owners.  It's like they had one run in with cops and they gave up.  Be bold in taking down these corperate pigs.   

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