Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Four's A Crowd: An All New Audio Sitcom Series


Hello gang.

I The Vern am very happy and proud to announce that I am the editor of an all new audio sitcom series called Four's a Crowd.  This situational comedy was created by Ryan L Terry who has been a multiple guest on this podcast ( Silence of the Lambs, Valley of the Dolls/ Beyond The Valley of the Dolls and Showgirls). 

 The concept involves a couple who after a long relationship decide to call it quits.  Well to be fair, Cameron(Jeff Feightner) did break it off with Bradley(Max Eiss) because he wants to pursue other romantic roads due to him coming out as bi sexual.  Just than, their rent gets raised and they have to find roommates to cover expenses .  In enters Dylan(Chase Grant) and Andrea(Cassandra Dodge), two singles who are also looking for love in the modern era.  Add in a kooky landlord by the name of Mrs Halverson(Shannon Hull), a fun filled narrator(Ian Shaw) and you have a very fun sitcom.

Four's a Crowd is a return to those sitcoms from the past that I enjoyed very much. From the theme song to the laugh track.  This show is a hoot and I would be a fan of it even if I wasn't working on it.  I joined the production on episode 4 with some help by Mr. Terry.  It was my first show and I was still learning what the director(Zachary R and creator wanted.  But following that each show I edited got better and better and I'm learning a great deal to be a much better podcast editor.    If you need help with editing your podcast please visit my affiliates page over at Lets Chat Podcast.



Episode 4: Mr. Roboto

Episode 5: Of Time and Money

Episode 6: When the Wind Blows


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