Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Live Music at Vern's Garage. The Mountweazles, ED, and Scale of None(Remastered Edition)

On Sept 19th 2020, the unthinkable happened.  In the middle of a global virus that have forced many venues that had live music to close their doors to local bands and musicians.  A bunch of artists and myself decided to put together a little event in my garage and have bands perform.   On stage performing is The Mountweasles, ED, and Scale of None.  I, The Vern play drums  and sing vocals for the first and last bands. Huge thanks to Eric Mitchell of ED(2nd band) who helped out so much with the sound and lights for the show.  Shoutouts go to Matt Sudduth who helped out big time with mixing the audio for this  video as well.  Amazing work by both 

0:00 to 22:07 The Mountweasles

22:19 to 1:08:12  ED

1:08:21 to End  Scale of None  (click link to visit our YouTube page)

Stay to the end because there are bonus tracks by The Mountweasels not in the original live video

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